Nikola Polić
High School Student

At the age of 17, after a film camp organized by Free Zone, Nikola had the opportunity to direct "Nevidljive" (The Invisible), a 44-minute documentary of the life of sex workers in Serbia. The documentary was awarded by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy as the best documentary or TV show about sexual and gender-based violence.

With the help of Jazas, a human rights organization, Nikola met sex workers from Belgrade and produced a moving documentary dealiing with the daily lives of sex workers, their hopes, dreams and the oppression they face. Despite all this, the documentary aims at showing sex workers as people and the difficult lives they lead having chosen a profession that is neither appreciated nor recognized.

In a talk about abandoning prejudice and overcoming challenges, Nikola hopes to spread ideas of tolerance, open-mindedness and dedication from the TEDxYouth@ISB stage.


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