Milos Milisavljevic
CEO Strawberry Energy

Milos Milisavljevic developed an early interest for sustainable energy. While a high school student at the Nikola Tesla High School of Electrical Engineering, he developed, with a group of friends, a model of a self-sustainable, off-the-grid home. The objective was to teach to elementary school children what a ‘house of the future’ might look like, and bring the concept of sustainable energy into their lives for, perhaps, the first time.

Now in his 4th year at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering’s Energy Department at the University of Belgrade, Milisavljevic is the founder and CEO of Strawberry Energy. His innovative concept turned into reality in October 2010, when the Strawberry Tree was installed in Obrenovac’s main square.
The tree captures the sun’s rays and turns it into usable energy in a way that passers-by can charge their phones and mobile devices for free. The Strawberry Tree is the first solar-powered public charger in the world and was used over 10,000 times within the first 40 days.

Milisavljevic will share our stage at TEDxYouth@ISB and bring his insight into the future of sustainable energy and Serbia’s role in this exciting and important new field.


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