Ivana Savic
Organizational Partner for the Major Group on Children and Youth at the UN-CSD

ISIvana is actively organised in International Environmental and Sustainable Development Advocacy and is one of the Organising Partners for the UN Commission on Sustainable Developments Major Group of Children and Youth since 2009. In 2010, she was one of the founding members and has been a Board member of Rio+20s, a Belgium based youth led NGO that is working to prepare and mobilise youth globally for the UN CSD in 2012 in Rio de Janiero. In addition, she has also been the Deputy President of Network of European Active Citizens (NEAC) since 2008, and was a member of the Earth Charter Youth Group in 2008-09. She has also worked at the Ombudsman's office in her country. Furthermore, associate at a Child's Rights Center in Serbia. In 2008, she was on the CIVICUS Youth Assembly Steering Group and she has been an International Advisory Board Member of the Stakeholder Forum since 2009. In these roles, she has been actively working to facilitate the involvement of Youth and Children in Sustainable Development Policy making at a global level.

Ivana has experience in organising international training courses on the rights of the child and on various environmental topics. She wants to empower young environmentalists all over the world to use their knowledge and creativity to create sustainable local communities and to influence decision makers for a sustainable future. She combines this with her strong sense of justice and works daily from a grassroot to an international level to advocate for the rights of the child."



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