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Gypsy Roma Urban Balkan Beats


GRUBB (Gypsy Roma Urban Balkan Beats) are a collective of young Roma (14-18) and international artists. They offer a modern approach to the traditional music of their Romani roots, adding dance, magic and photography to create an exceptional and unforgettable theatrical experience. Combining a musical blend of contemporary hip hop, dance and pop with the richly influenced and historic music already synonymous with their ancestors, GRUBB are bringing Roma music storming into the 21st century. The music, however, is only the backdrop to an immersive and moving story of their lives that varies from the universal themes of first loves and friendships to the struggles that are unique to the Romani people.

GRUBB has grown from music workshops created by RPOINT (an NGO working to give young Roma access to education) led by Serge Denoncourt. It is the first performance of it’s kind, performed by its creators, a group whose voices have never before been heard. The show features performers including a brass band, rappers, dancers and singers. Their world is brought to life on stage through set, video and lighting created by internationally renowned artists.

After an internationally-acclaimed 8-day performance at the Montreal Jazz Festival in June and a highly anticipated performance at BITEF 2011, GRUBB will bring to TEDxYouth@ISB their message to the world.